How is the exam structured?

The actual ASCP test has 100 questions where you can score upto 900 points. To pass the ASCP BOC exam, you need only 400 points.

The ASCP uses the chained exam computer questioning, also known as CAT to randomly populate questions for each user. So basically, ASCP has a question bank and each user randomly receive 100 questions for their exam once they hit start. Each test has between 10 to 25 points, depending on how easy or hard the question is. So when you don’t know the answer, trust your first instinct. Don’t outsmart yourself.

So our practice tests have sort of mimicked the same kind of strategy. We have a mix of soft and harder questions across all practice tests. The better you do the harder the questions become so you can earn more points. And this is the same way ASCP exams are designed. 

We recommend that you answer multi-choice questions by using the process of elimination. Usually, when you can eliminate two of the choices easily, then you have 50% chance for correct answer already.

Remember, standardized tests like ASCP are not simply an examination of your knowledge of the subject matter. They are also testing your ability to perform well under pressure. It’s easy to psych yourself out about this aspect of the exam. All the studying in the world can’t prepare you for what it will be like to actually sit for the test. Get the test-taking experience you need to perform well under pressure. By taking WIN ASCP  practice tests, you’ll gain the confidence necessary to stay calm on the day of the real test.

We have linked some resources on taking multi-choice questions here, here and here


WIN ASCP is not affliated or even endorsed by ASCP BOC. We are independent ASCP BOC Certified Medical Technicians, Technologists and Scientists. We research and create/share questions that embody the spirit of ASCP BOC testing. We cannot guarantee that you will pass, nobody can. What we guarantee is if you fully utilize and pass all our questions, you will pass the exam, and if you don’t pass we will refund your money.    

We recommend that you buy our testing course at least 4-6 weeks before taking the actual exam and make sure you have an 80% – 90% score on each of the five tests.

 You will find answer feedback on some of the questions. This should help you to expand on the questions by diving deeper and learning more about that specific topic from which the question came from. So when you are taking the practice questions, note down anything that catches your interest, and follow up later while doing your extensive revision.